William A. Curtis
New England Landscape Painter (b. 1946 - )

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Hi, neighbor Love the light you have captured I sense it passing through the trees and reflecting on the moving water. Looking forward to seeing these beauties in person soon.
Jane Herbert - 26 Jan 2018
Very nice website! See you soon.
Elisabeth Coon - 3 Dec 2015
Hi Billy: Its Roberta Mullin. I "met" your brother, Alan, on "you know you grew up in Gloucester" asked him to say hello to you from me and he very kindly gave me the name of this site. Your work is wonderful. Especially like Barters Island, so real it feels like a person could settle in for a stay there. Amazing work - truly enjoyed "sight seeing".
Roberta DeCoste - 17 Dec 2014
Hey, Bill. Great meeting you. Thanks for being so generous with your time. I now have your painting hanging on my living room wall where I can enjoy it and get inspired by it every day.
Bob McLeod - 27 Jul 2014
Absolutely beautiful work! Can't wait to see more!
Michelle Johnson - 15 Jun 2014
Great job, Bill. What a wonderful selection of works. Love the Sorolla-like brushwork. We look forward to seeing more work very soon.
Judith and David Curtis - 12 Jun 2014
Finally a nice site to showcase how beautiful your paintings are and how Maine has affected the artist and his style. Keep up the excellent work. Hey Artist, paint this!
Nathaniel T Curtis - 10 Jun 2014
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